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Gelbottle Gel Nails

The Gel Bottle Inc is an amazing gel service, empowering you the real woman, with superior colour and wear, no matter what life brings.

Set it and forget it.

Improve your nails with an armour coat that says, “see you in three weeks”.

Gelbottle polish lasts and stays shiny for 2-4 weeks on hands and 4-6 weeks on feet. After this it has to be soaked off (not drilled or peeled), which usually takes 15 minutes.

Once the Gel has been completely removed you can have Gel re applied so your ready to go.

We have a vast selection of colours a staggering 250 colours, including all the newest colours!

Whether you want something elegant and natural, a colour to match that dress or bold and bright we have the perfect colour for you.

Gelbottle Gel Manicure

Treatment includes hand massage, cuticle care, nail shape and finished

with Gelbottle gel polish lasting 2-3 weeks.


Gelbottle Shape and Polish

Your Nails are filed, shaped & finished with your choice of Gelbottle polish lasting 2-3 weeks.


Gelbottle Nail Extensions

Lengthen your natural nails with Gelbottle ‘builder in a bottle’ finished with a gel colour lasting 2-3 weeks.


GelBottle Shape & Polish on Hands & Feet

Nails are filed, shaped and gel polished on both hands and feet with the gel polish colour of your choice..


Gelbottle Nail Repair

Broke a nail? We can fix it for you.


GelBottle Off & On Polish on Hands

Recommended after 2-3 weeks after gel application. Gels are soaked off and reapplied with a fresh gel polish colour of your choice, lasting 2-3 weeks.


Gel Mani and Footlogix Gel Pedi (No Removal of Gels)

Includes hand massage, cuticle care, foot soak, foot massage, hard skin remov​al and exfoliation on feet, finished with gel polish on fingers and toes.

*Both treatments must be received on the same day.


Off and On Gelbottle Manicure and Footlogix Pedicure with Gelbottle Polish

This luxury hand and foot treatment includes hand massage, cuticle care, Footlogix pedi including foot soak, exfoliation, hard skin removal and foot massage finished with gelbottle polish of your choice on fingers and toes with removal of gels on both included.

*Both treatments must be received on the same day.


GelBottle Refresh

A re-balance of Gel polish using the same/similar or darker colour  after 2-3 weeks.

(This can only be done once, gels will require a soak off after this time).


Gelbottle Off & On Hands and Feet

Removal of and re-application of gel on both fingers and toes.

Gelbottle Polish Removal

Highly recommended removal of gel polish on fingers to avoid damage your natural nails. ​


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